Insurers are giving brokers 15% of premiums, and a third payment clients//Statements

10.09.2014 source: Statements Some give agents more than half of the awards. According to the CENTRAL BANK, in six months, insurers have received 507 billion rubles. 216 billion by paying premium refunds. Another 72 billion rubles. the market paid intermediaries. Vedomosti calculated to attract customers could do more total: 13 companies have paid more than half the premiums (see table). The amount of Commission in isolation from other factors does not speak about the financial ..

Investors were aimed at stability. Russian funds this week attracted almost $ 160 million//Kommersant

03.10.2014 source: Kommersant The situation around Ukraine temporarily ceased to destabilize the investor sentiment. The inflow of funds into funds that invest in domestic assets, is the second week in a row. And in General in the developing markets of the outflow turned into inflows. According to Emerging Portfolio Fund Research (EPFR), the influx of foreign investors into funds focusing on the Russian market, this week from 25 September to 1 October amounted to $157,5 million. Overall, ..

Premarket: Falling oil prices will be the driver of the Russian market of//

Ambient background to start trading on the Russian market on Wednesday, 8 October, is a moderately negative. Trades in the United States on Tuesday ended a sharp slowdown, which the Russian market have not yet played. On Wednesday the US futures index traded positively, neutralizing part of the drawdown, which occurred the day before. However, trading in Asia is dominated by sales. Additional pressure on the MICEX will noticeably declining oil prices. Russian market The main trades of 7 ..

How it works and how much does it cost to rent for a day//Газета.ru

07.10.2014 source: Газета.ru Rent an apartment at rest tend, on average, 15% cheaper than booking a hotel. "Newspaper.Ru "talks about the value of such lease, and also about Nice and not very surprises may face as a landlord and a tenant. Apartments for rent are a special type of business, which provides for the delivery of real estate for a short period from one to several days. So enjoy such service, as a rule, people who come on a business trip for a few days to a week or tourists who ..

The index value of the IF-EG (equity funds) at 03.10.14 ( -0.48%) to 886.42 amounted

08.10.2014 source: Investfunds The indexes family of Investfunds demonstrate the dynamics of cost of funds in different categories and industries. Following are the values of the indexes for October 3, 2014 years. Code indeksaOpisanieZnačenieIzmenenie to the previous značeniûIF-EGIF E-General funds akcij886, 42-0, 48% IF-FIIFA-Fixed Income Funds obligacij1 605.95 -0.23% IF-E Oil-& OGIF Gas equity oil and gas sektora1 +0.03% IF-175.15 PEIF-E Power energy, equity funds èlektroènergetiki ..

Banks are cutting consumer insurance. FAS proposed to limit the cost of such services//Kommersant

27.08.2014 source: Kommersant Imposing banks underwriting its borrowers in an attempt to compensate for the revenue shortfall from a tightening of control by the Central Bank, has drawn the attention of FAS. It intends to limit the fees banks from selling insurance. However, in the absence of severe sanctions and serious administrative resources from FAS implementation of the initiative in question, experts indicate. The question of restrictions on banks ' insurance sales compensation ..

The CENTRAL BANK has reported on startup. Mega-regulator prepares for anniversary news

28.08.2014 source: Kommersant Merge with the FEDERAL CENTRAL BANK lifted the load with the budget in the supervision of financial markets, but to say that mega-regulator was too early is a startup, the outcome of which will be visible in the year 2018. So the first year after joining the FEDERAL FINANCIAL MARKETS SERVICE to CENTRAL BANK first Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia Sergey Shvetsov. The finrynka showered with compliments and the CENTRAL BANK admitted that the majority of ..

How much does it cost to buy or rent the most expensive apartments in Moscow//RBC-real estate

Source: 09.10.2014-real estate In September 2014. weighted average cost of 1 sq.m. m in the 100 most expensive homes in Moscow, in the public sale on the primary and secondary markets, amounted to $ 47200 per 1 sq.m. in accordance with the research of IntermarkSavills, over the last year index increase was 8%. The maximum price of 1 m2. m apartment from hundreds of the world's most expensive is around 71 thousand. minimum-$ 35 thousand. $. Please note that the index of TOP-100 PCM is ..

Game rules-compensation to depositors//Kommersant

06.10.2014 source: Kommersant Učastivšijsâ revocation of licences drastically amid clearing bank market demanded the truth in favour of customers-after all they are the aggrieved party. First, after the revocation of the license at the Investment Bank, which lost money for many entrepreneurs, he called them the same rights as ordinary citizens. And now the IP also receive insurance indemnity. Then major investors put another 300 thousand. rub. over 700 thousand. rub. put gosstrahovki. This ..

Collective investments market statistics (09.10.2014)

13.10.2014 source: PIF Investfunds At Investfunds published mutual fund market statistics on the Fund'S NAV 09.10.2014, thous. $ Number of fondovOtkrytye funds 390161Otkrytye funds obligacij44 494 akcij29 216 52979Vse fondy576 765 2941 582 NAV data do not take into account the funds for qualified investors. The table is based on data disclosed to administering funds at the time of publication of the news. Full statistics on the market of mutual funds you can see here